Teens And Children

Through The Bible Illustrated

Introducing Zac Poonen’s Bible commentary, Through the Bible - book of Genesis, now in a comic book form. The illustrations engage the young and old alike and bring out Bible’s message for us today in an engaging way.

God Speaks Through Animals

Animals often speak to us through their behaviour and actions and thus point us to our common Creator. As God used the donkey to help Balaam see a heavenly reality, let’s hope that we too might learn to rediscover heavenly values from the animals.

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Amazing Facts

Did you know that: The nearest star is 40,000,000,000,000 kilometres away from the earth and you have 100,000 kilometres of blood vessels in your body? You can get in touch with the God who created these wonders. Read this small booklet to find out more.
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Fundamental Biblical Truths

Illustrated Videos

This is a series of 28 studies (of 3 minutes each) that will enable you to have a good foundational knowledge of the basic truths of God’s Word.

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Zac Poonen Illustrated Videos

A collection of animated illustration videos on New Covenant Christian truths from teachings by Zac Poonen. These videos are now available on the Zac Poonen Illustrations Mobile App on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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